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Pescados Barandica S.A., has undergone sustained growth since its origins due to the loyalty of our customers day after day. They know they can find in our company a personalized service as required by each one, suitable products for their personal needs and, above all, a company which recognises them as the motor driving its constant development towards the best service.

As exporter, manufacturers, suppliers and importers, Barandica takes especial care in the acquisition of raw materials. A wide experience has allowed us to lead national and international purchases, which guarantees obtaining the ideal product according to the customer's requirements and reaching with our supplying fleet, every spot which may require our products.

In recent years, we have been involved in promoting the resources of our own local coastline. Thus, we contribute to the development of our region, taking up very significant volumes of oceanic species caught by the local sea fleet and intended ultimately for overseas markets, where they are keenly sought after. This confirms that both the quality of the products themselves and their subsequent processing are of a very high competitive standard.

Pescados Barandica S.A. Barrio San Martín, 214 Peñacastillo 39011 Santander, Cantabria, Spain
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